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River Green

by Stanley Brinks

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Tonight 02:51
TONIGHT None of what i told you sounded right. My lips are dry, and my heart is jumping. But wait till one o'clock tonight, when i take you for a ride in my seedy pumpkin. And i'd rather you didn't show up all the time. I'll admit there's a part of me that fears you, 'cause you've got a dirty mind, and i've got ideas too. The music sounded good when your hand went down. I was a little surprised, i have to say. But i am fond of having you around, and i never really want you to go away.
Thank You 02:53
THANK YOU I don't know my father's name, and i don't know my mother's name. And you'll be happy when i'm gone, but my love will linger on. Yodlee dadeeo, yodlee dadeeo, yodlee dadeedi deedi deedi dleedee dadeeo. Now thank you for the tears. Thank you, i hadn't cried in years. Thank you for making me cry. I will live until i die. Now thank you for the kiss. That's the one i'm gonna miss, when the moon is shining bright through the bars of my window at night.
ELSIE BILLAUD Well i've been sucking lemons and limes all through the Maritimes, shooting tequila and gin, and singing against the wind. Where's my Elsie Billaud? Tell me, if you know, 'cause that's where i wanna go. Where is my Elsie Billaud? And i wear stripes on my trunks. I wear stripes, like cobble-dicks and skunks. I hang with the punks and the drunks, and the faded stripes on my trunks. Park your red Subaru outbacks. Let's get down to brass tacks, i mean, figures, curves, and facts: girls are prettier in Halifax. Lightning strikes and thunder rolls, aiming at hydropoles. The history of humanity unfolds, lightning strikes, and thunder rolls.
LITTLE HEARTS Must have been something you did to this little heart of mine. I'm quietly happy today, like i've never been before. And i feel like i've known you for a very long time. But when your man comes home, i won't know you anymore. There will be no promises, only secrets to keep. Only an echo of your voice ringing in my ear. I will read you a story, and you'll be smiling in your sleep. But when your man comes home, i will disappear. They wrote it a long time ago, but they wanted us to learn. To feel, to long, to burn. The body must be crazy, the spirit must be strong, living away from you so long. Cold wind blowing through the valley and the lonely little hearts, chanting your name in the distance like a bird call. I can hear it already, days before it starts. But when your man comes home, i won't love you at all.
Big Boy 04:07
BIG BOY Oh i still have sand and salt on my face, and a busted old banjo on my knee. But there is no room in this beautiful place for a big boy like me. For a big boy like me, who can keep any pain in his heart. For a big boy like me, who can sleep all alone in the dark. Oh she likes the night, and she likes the moon, and the sounds of the city and the sea. But there is no space in her bedroom for a big boy like me. Now all i've ever seen and all i've ever heard went through me like wind in a tree. And there is no place in this thin blue world for a big boy like me.
Next To Me 03:52
NEXT TO ME Judging is a crime, and i'm old enough to know. Come judge me some time, and i will tell you where you can go. I've got no place to be, no place but where i'm not. Come down sit next to me, 'cause i'd like that a lot. Now i'm twenty years old, got plenty on my mind. Walking down the road with a significant other by my side. The Swiss know how to party, and i'm hoping in the end the Swiss won't be too far from me, and i'll be yodeling with them. You make me feel sexy. You make me feel hot. Come down sit next to me, 'cause i'd like that a lot.
Claire 04:08
CLAIRE One year ago tomorrow, i was walking Queen's Road in the rain when i saw Claire again. With her long blond hair, Claire, with her skin so fair, Claire, with her freckles here and there, Claire. I keep seeing her everywhere. There's good beer at the Fiddler's, if you want my opinion. You can choose between India and Dominion. You can choose between whiskey and Screech, or, i recommend, one shot of each. One month ago tomorrow, i was walking Dick's Square in the rain when i saw Claire again. And on the dreariest of days, there are means. There are means, there are ways. There are airplanes, there are ships. Now there is salt all over your lips. One week ago tomorrow, i was walking Water Street in the rain when i saw Claire again. Oh i'm a stranded polar bear. I'm level, i'm on the square. Bringing fresh soft water to the docks, and ice, ice, ice for the rocks. One day ago tomorrow, i was walking Flower Street in the rain when i saw Claire again.
Tomorrow 03:23
TOMORROW I think this party's over. This one had one too many. I think this party's over; so i'm gonna go now, if you let me. It's good, it's all love, even when it's wrong. I've tasted it quickly but surely. I used to like listening to the song, but now it's a lot for yours truly. So i think this party's over... And i'd like to be the one who's still standing in the end, thinking and sweeping on his own. I'd like to be the one who takes care of their friends, comforts them, and carries them home. But i think this party's over... Oh i dig all the madness and the reasonable excess, even that bit that was almost a fight. This sun has been rising for hours i guess, but tomorrow will be another night. Tomorrow will be another night.
Green River 02:40
GREEN RIVER Green green river, shinier than a precious stone. And the hills, and the dale, and the flat flat plain that'll lead me way back home. Green green river, tell me what is on your mind. The dark and the light that have led you to fight, and leave the future behind. Green green river, let your hair roll down. I'll call you by your name, and i'll call on you again 'cause you are my only one.
TO SEE YOU AGAIN You may have someone on your mind; you may be thinking about them all the time. But even if you worry about it a lot, well, you might as well not. Naught one two, i've been thinking of you. Three four five, it's good to be alive. Six seven eight, i can't wait... Nine ten, to see you again. The girl i love, she's got another man. But wait a minute now, i've got a plan. I'll have no fear, i'll feel no shame. I'm just gonna love her all the same. Good thing about love: it doesn't always have to last forever nowadays. So give me a reason why you wouldn't give it a try.


recorded in Berlin in July 2022
cover picture by Clemence Freschard


released September 4, 2022


all rights reserved



Stanley Brinks Berlin, Germany


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